Quick Summary

The Zuri VTOL is developed by a company in the Czech Republic, and relies on horizontally and vertically-oriented propulsion sources that enable forward accelerated flight and vertical takeoff and landing capabilities.

Zuri, a Prague, Czech Republic based company.

Stage of Development

Preliminary Design

Prototype Build

Flight Testing


Commercially Operating
Technical Details

Company Name: Zuri

Headquarters: Prague, Czech Republic

Founder: Michal Illich

Product NameZuri VTOL (conceptual)

Type of Machine: Air taxi

Power: All-electric

Vertical take-off and landing: Zuri is powered by 16 independent lift fans for vertical takeoff and landing, and one horizontally oriented propulsor.

Fixed wing flight: On a single propeller.

Range: 500-700 km

Funding: €600k from Pale Fire Capital with an additional undisclosed amount from Kiwi.com

Our Take on Zuri

Zuri is a relatively young company (initial conceptualization in 2017) based in Prague. The company has recruited a solid team of engineers (and from their website, is seeking additional talent in test and certification categories) to assist in the final steps of production and initial flight testing. The company has thus far a steady track record of progressing from their concept in 2017 through their first small-scale model in May of 2018 and a proof of concept model to follow in August of the same year. 2018 was a windfall for the company when Pale Fire invested over €600k in the company in December. In 2019, the company grew its team, announced Kiwi.com (an online budget travel platform) as a strategic partner, and announced testing in their one-seater prototype along with scale-model wind tunnel testing. Their momentum charts a trajectory that should result in test flights of a single-seat prototype in early 2020.