Zenith Altitude EOPA

Quick Summary

The Zenith Altitude EOPA is an eVTOL being manufactured in Quebec by Zenith Altitude Inc. The EOPA (which stands for Electrically-Powered Optionally-Piloted Powered-Lift Aircraft) is designed to transport a pilot, medical technician and organs over a distance of 250 NM (463 km) for Lung Biotechnology, a subsidiary of United Therapeutics. It was originally slated to enter commercial use by 2025, though the company has not made public any progress since its initial announcement in 2018.

Zenith Altitude, a Bromont, Quebec, Canada company

Stage of Development

Preliminary Design

Prototype Build

Flight Testing


Commercially Operating
Technical Details

No technical specifications are available for the EOPA at this time. From the Zenith Website:


The Zenith Altitude team offers you a turnkey approach by identifying suppliers for your product. We also offer technical support throughout the process, from quotations to receipt of parts or final assembly.


Zenith Altitude collaborates with Transport Canada Civil Aviation AMOs (Aircraft Maintenance Organizations) for the installation of prototypes on aircraft or helicopters. Our team supports the first fit for flight testing and provides assistance to Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (AMEs) when modifying and integrating the first prototype.


This final phase allows for the obtention of the required certification with Transport Canada Civil Aviation. Our team is familiar with the certification process for obtaining Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) or Serialized Supplemental Type Certificate (SSTC). In order to obtain these certificates, we generate all the engineering reports required to certify and demonstrate compliance with the airworthiness regulations.

Our Take on the EOPA

Zenith Altitude, Inc is a young company - founded in February of 2017. Since that point in time, the EOPA has been in development, alongside the other initiatives of the company, including Manufacturing, Installation, and Certification solutions. The company states on its website that it has substantial experience with Transport Canada Civil Aviation regulatory policy, which is a critical element of expertise for any air taxi manufacturer to maintain when navigating the certification process. Furthermore, the company has a solid aviation background with a passion for flight, which could bring them far. However, no funding status is available to the public at this time, nor are any technical specs on the EOPA.