VRCO NeoXCraft

Quick Summary

The VRCO NeoXCraft is a four-rotored eVTOL being developed in the UK that targets certification completion in 2020 after a provisional first flight scheduled for 2019.

VRCO, based in Infinity Park Derby, England

Stage of Development

Preliminary Design

Prototype Build

Flight Testing


Commercially Operating
Technical Details

Aircraft Type: Roadable VTOL

Powerplant: All-electric

Range: 75 miles

Top Speed: 210 mph

Propeller Configuration: Four propellers tilt vertically including its entire motor nacelle

Passenger/Payload Capacity: Two-seater, 396 lb payload

Autonomy Level: Pilot-assistance

Dimensions: Undisclosed

Other Information

The VRCO NeoXCraft enables two persons to drive on the road, or fly in the air, depending upon their travel requirements. Flight mode features four ducted rotors that swivel to allow for the craft to accelerate to forward flight, or takeoff and land vertically in smaller confined areas. Additionally, the battery lasts around 60 minutes, according to VRCO. The only other information on the NeoXCraft at this time is that it is slated for a first flight in 2019 and certification in 2020.

Our Take on the NeoXCraft

VRCO features a team of experienced aviators, businessmen, and engineers. Additionally, the company is one of few to have organized a Pilot Academy to train persons to fly their product. Although the 2 person capacity and pilot requirement of the NeoXCraft may limit the aircraft's application as a shared urban air taxi, VRCO is currently marketing its aircraft as a 'hyperluxury supercar of the skies' for private use and ownership. Given this positioning for private sales, VRCO could lead the industry for privately owned roadable VTOLs.