Vimana AAV

Preliminary Design

Prototype Build

Flight Testing


Commercially Operating
Technical Details
Watch a YouTube video of the Vamana Concept Here
Maximum Range 900 km ~550 miles
Maximum Cruising Speed 244 kph ~132 kts
Maximum Ceiling 3,000 m ~9842.5 ft
Wingspan 10 m ~32.8 ft
Payload ~408.2 kg 900 lbs
Overall Length 7 m 23 ft
Maximum Payload 400 kg 900 lbs
Take-off Weight 1050 kg 2300 lbs
Wingspan 10 m ~33 ft
Thrusters 8x60kw
Hybrid Powerplant 200kw
Passengers 4
Rotors 8

Our Take on the Vimana AAV

Vimana is proposing not only to design and build an autonomous vehicle - they're also proposing to integrate it with blockchain technology. The company plans on using its own blockchain network to compete with the likes of UberAIR instead of attempting to integrate with that system. A full-scale mockup of the Vimana was on display at the Davos World Economic Forum in January of 2018, but the company has not stated when they estimate the first test flights will be. Stay tuned for more updates.