VerdeGo Aero PAT200

Quick Summary

The VerdeGo Aero PAT200 (Personal Air Taxi 200) is being developed in Daytona, Florida at the Embry Riddle Research park at the MicaPlex Aerospace Innovation Complex.

VerdeGo, based in Daytona, Florida

Stage of Development

Preliminary Design

Prototype Build

Flight Testing


Commercially Operating
Technical Details

Capacity: 2 persons

Useful Load: 500 lbs

Typical Flight: 20-40 miles

Configuration: Dual Tilt-Wing

Propulsion: 8 electric motors driving independent rotors

Energy Storage: Onboard generator - liquid fuel; capable of multiple revenue flights between refueling stops

Our Take on the PAT 200

VerdeGo has a very competent leadership team with a well-formulated design, and are located in a convenient location for aerospace development. The company is hardly 6 months old, founded in December of 2017. There is not much in terms of technical detail available at this time regarding the PAT 200, but the timeline set forth by VerdeGo is ambitious and tractable, judging by the composure of the team. While young as a company, this is a great team to keep a close watch on.