TransportUP Urban Air Mobility Showcase – EAA AirVenture 2019

TransportUP is hosting the Urban Air Mobility Showcase - the center of air taxi, flying car, and eVTOL activity - in Aviation Gateway Park at EAA AirVenture 2019, The World's Largest Airshow.


Of the world's leading UAM Companies

  • Airbus Vahana

    From Airbus' A^3 Ventures Arm.

  • Ampaire

    Electrification of Aviation - Creator of one of the first electric GA Aircraft on the planet

  • Assen Aero

    Creator of the Assen A1 Hoverbike

  • Athena Aero

    Phase III GoFly Competitor

  • AutoFlightX

    Gilching, Germany based UAM Airframer

  • Beta Technologies

    Electrification of Aviation

  • Electric Jet Aircraft

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  • EmbraerX

    EmbraerX's Innovation Arm

  • Lilium

    Creator of the Lilium Jet

  • TransportUP

    The Latest News for Urban Aviation

  • VerdeGo.Aero

    Integrated Distributed Electric Propulsion (IDEP) Creator

UAMS Presentation Schedule

All speaking events will be held in The Forum in Aviation Gateway Park at AirVenture 2019. Zone I10 on the AirVenture Map.

Airframers Roundtable: The Future of Urban Aviation Aircraft

Designing, manufacturing, and flight testing the aircraft of tomorrow won't be easy. These panelists will discuss how they plan to solve the unique challenges of bringing commercial UAM operations to market.

  • Remo Berger

    Chief Commercial Officer - Lillium

  • John Graber

    Surefly Business Leader - Workhorse

  • Peter Berger

    Director of Innovation - EmbraerX

  • Geoff Bower

    Chief Engineer, Airbus Vahana

  • Stephane Fymat

    VP Product Management and Marketing - BendixKing

  • Naish Gaubatz (Moderator)

    Editor - TransportUP

Shaping Regulatory Environments, Airspace, and Network Infrastructure: Policy Roundtable

Learn about the integration of UAM solutions into the National Airspace System, and how traffic management and eVTOL certification has progressed over the last year.

  • Starr Ginn

    UAM Grand Challenge Lead - NASA

  • Brandon Keene

    Chief Technology Officer - BLADE UAM

  • Earl Lawrence

    Executive Director - Aircraft Certification

  • Wyatt Smith

    Head of Business Development, Uber

  • Sean Elliott

    VP Advocacy & Safety, Co-Chair GAJSC, EAA

  • Steve Weidner

    National UAS Representative, NATCA

  • David Chaimson (Moderator)

    VP Marketing and Business Development, EAA


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