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Alongside the Vahana and Pop.Up Next, Airbus is also taking on the endeavor of building the CityAirbus, an unmanned air taxi currently being prototyped in Donauworth, Germany. Since 2016, Airbus has been testing components and systems of the CityAirbus in order to validate its design and eventually fly a full-scale model. Airbus describes their vehicle as “a multi-passenger, self-piloted electric...

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Kitty Hawk Aero announced their 2018 recap today, marking the conclusion of a packed year for the Larry Page-backed company. Included in the recap was the announcement that Cora has a Ballistic Parachute Recovery system, not unlike what Cirrus Aircraft use today to achieve their high safety records. Kitty Hawk has not previously disclosed that Cora has such a recovery...

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Cora Diagram

Assen Aero Flight Tests A1 Hoverbike

06 December 2018 || 3 min read

Assen Aero successfully flight tested a prototype of their A1 Hoverbike. A video posted to Youtube earlier this week shows the bike flown remotely at low altitudes. This is the one of the first steps towards full scale technology demonstration, which may include Hoverbike races as early as next year. Assen Aero, based in South Florida, has been working on...

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Assen Aero A1 hoverbike Airventure 2018