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Will Boeing and Porsche Bring these Products to Market? This article appeared first in Forbes and is shared on TransportUP with permission. Last week, Boeing and Porsche signed a memorandum of understanding to jointly explore the premium urban air mobility market. The word “explore” suggests they think premium UAM remains some ways off. Given that Porsche doesn’t exactly target fleet...

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Porsche Cayman GT4

An electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) Porsche may be possible with Boeing’s help. World-class aircraft manufacturer Boeing and world-class sports car manufacturer Porsche will combine their expertise to create a brand in the aerial mobility industry targeted toward high-income individuals. The joint venture includes Boeing subsidiary Aurora Flight Sciences, which will assist in the design and prototyping of a...

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Boeing NeXt, the company’s disruptive mobility arm, has been focused on a global airspace integration effort to create a world in which autonomous and piloted air vehicles safely coexist. To create the transportation systems of the future, Boeing has been developing the Passenger Air Vehicle (PAV), and the Cargo Air Vehicle (CAV). Both are autonomous systems designed to fill a...

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Boeing Cargo Air Vehicle

Boeing Go-Fly Phase II Winners Announced

04 April 2019 || 4 min read

GoFly is an international competition to design, build, and fly a personal flying device. Grand Sponsor Boeing and Corporate Sponsor Pratt and Whitney have been able to reach a group of highly qualified competitors from across the globe. Thus far in the competition, 3,500 teams from 101 different countries have entered a design to be considered. Ten of those teams...

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SkyRyse Air Taxi to Launch in Tracy, CA

02 September 2018 || 3 min read

On August 28th, a new company called SkyRyse launched. SkyRyse is a new a air taxi statrup featuring a single-rotor helicopter with advanced tech features. It plans to launch air taxi services by 2019. The SkyRyse helicopter takes a major step toward autonomy for air taxis. It paves the way for the future of flying cars. The SkyRyse features an...

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SkyRyse Concept Route

3 March 2018 || 1 min read The Boeing Co.’s CEO Dennis Muilenburg commented “I think it will happen faster than any of us understand” when asked about the time frame for commercialized air taxis and autonomous urban VTOL transports. Boeing’s recent acquisition of Aurora Flight Sciences now means that Boeing owns stake in Uber’s Elevate Initiative since Aurora Flight Sciences...

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Aurora Flight Sciences eVTOL