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Alongside the Vahana and Pop.Up Next, Airbus is also taking on the endeavor of building the CityAirbus, an unmanned air taxi currently being prototyped in Donauworth, Germany. Since 2016, Airbus has been testing components and systems of the CityAirbus in order to validate its design and eventually fly a full-scale model. Airbus describes their vehicle as “a multi-passenger, self-piloted electric...

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Airbus Surveys Public Sentiment of UAM

17 February 2019 || 3 min read

The results are in and Airbus claimed that, overall, 44.5% percent of people’s initial reaction to Urban Air Mobility initiatives is positive. The goal of this survey was to obtain an understanding of the public’s general opinion, concerns, and attitudes toward this new and growing segment of the aerospace market. To conduct this study, Airbus questioned residents in Mexico City,...

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