Aston Martin Volante Vision

Quick Summary

The Aston Martin Volante Vision is a four-rotored ducted fan eVTOL that can cruise at turboprop speeds at almost 30,000 feet - and features futuristic aerodynamic styling as well. The concept is likely over 10 years away from implementation, but is an acknowledgement of Aston Martin’s interest in establishment within the luxury segment of the aerial mobility industry.

Supervolant, based in Heidelberg, Germany

Stage of Development

Preliminary Design

Prototype Build

Flight Testing


Commercially Operating
Technical Details

Aircraft Type: Winged VTOL

Powerplant: Hybrid graphene, hydrogen fuel cell drive

Range: 1150 mi

Top Speed: 330 kts

Propeller Configuration: 4 Maglev rim driven ducted fans

Passenger/Payload Capacity: undisclosed

Autonomy Level: Undisclosed, likely autonomous

Wingspan/Dimensions: Undisclosed

Other information:
Max speed 330 kts 600 km/h
Max cruise altitude 29,000 feet (above most weather) ~9 km
Range 1150 mi 1852 km
Propulsion 4x Maglev rim driven ducted fans
Energy Hybrid graphene, hydrogen fuel cell drive
Charge and fuel time 15 minutes
Flight controls Fly-by-wire
Take-off and landing space (diameter) 98 feet 30 meters
Time to maximum altitude ~10 minutes

Our Take on the Volante Vision Concept

The Volante Vision has been conceptualized as a research and development platform by SuperVolant - so no timeline has been released regarding an actual flight test or certification plan, although in order to validate theoretical models the company will at some point be required to build a prototype. The prototype leverages the Aston Martin brand awareness and may be indicative of the next generation of Aston Martin vehicles (both land-based and aerial). Check back in for more updates in the future.