Stuttgart Aerospace EOLOS EVTOL

Quick Summary

Based in Palo Alto, CA, aircraft manufacturer Kitty Hawk has added a third vehicle to its developmental fleet. Project Heaviside joins the Flyer, a recreational vertical takeoff and landing rotorcraft with a single-seat configuration, and the Cora, Kitty Hawk’s two-passenger autonomous aircraft designed to fit the requirements of aerial mobility applications. Heaviside, named after renowned physicist and electrical engineer Oliver Heaviside, is a small eVTOL aircraft designed to quickly takeoff and land from nearly any location, but at a noise level acceptable for urban and densely-populated environments.

Stuttgart Aerospace, a German-based company focused on improving mobility through aerial mobility.

Stage of Development

Preliminary Design

Prototype Build

Flight Testing


Commercially Operating
Technical Details

Company Name: Stuttgart Aerospace is an aerial mobility company based in Waiblingen, Germany

Headquarters: Waiblingen, Germany

CEO: Petro Tsolis


Type of Machine: High-performance electric VTOL vehicle for passenger applications.

Powerplant: Unknown, technical specifications on the EOLOS have not been released as of 2/24/20.

Payload/Range: Unknown

Power Output: Unknown

Our Take on EOLOS

Stuttgart Aerospace is one of the newer companies entering the aerial mobility market, and recently finished their first round of capital seeking in late 2019. While details on the EOLOS have not been released yet, the German-made eVTOL could be a promising addition to the list of eVTOLs looking to take over the aerial mobility sector.