Samad Starling Jet

Quick Summary

The Starling Jet is being designed and produced in by Samad Aerospace in Bedfordshire, United Kingdom. Samad Aerospace is fully electric and boasts the quiet performance and luxury of its concept.

Samad Aerospace, located in Bedfordshire, UK

Stage of Development

Preliminary Design

Prototype Build

Flight Testing


Commercially Operating
Technical Details

Propulsion: Hybrid-Electric

Cruise Speed: 460mph

Range: 900-1500 miles

Capacity: 10 occupants

Our Take on the Starling Jet

The Starling Jet, part of a larger initiative by Samad Aerospace which is creating a fleet of eVTOLs/hybrid VTOLs, is the flagship of the fleet - and aims to address a slightly different problem than most eVTOLs currently do. The Starling Jet aims to solve the airport to business/residence commute problem with the <1,000nm journey simultaneously, bringing you door-to-door over substantially greater distances than other eVTOL's aim to cover. While this goal is unique, there are considerable challenges for the Starling Jet to overcome to achieve success.