SkyPod eVTOL

Quick Summary

The SkyPod eVTOL is being developed in New York City, NY, by SkyPod Aerospace Corporation.

Skypod, a NYC, NY, USA Corporation


Stage of Development

Preliminary Design

Prototype Build

Flight Testing


Commercially Operating
Technical Details

Aircraft Type: Wingless VTOL

Powerplant: All-Electric

Range: Undisclosed

Top Speed: Undisclosed

Propeller Configuration: 6 ducted propellers; two lateral propellers are more than twice the diameter of the ducts fore and aft

Passenger/Payload Capacity: One Pilot; At least 5 Passengers

Autonomy Level: Piloted

Dimensions: Undisclosed

Other Information: 

Operations and Logistics: Not only is Skypod One developing an airworthy vehicle, but the company also seeks to fully operate a commercial network of its air taxis. "Skypods won’t be located at the airports but closer to places where you live and work. Use one of our ridesharing partners to get to one. There will be two options – either you can catch a regularly scheduled service or book an individual eVTOL."

Our Take on SkyPod

Skypod One is currently focused on navigating many of the well-known, difficult regulation obstacles associated with flying, testing, and certifying a commercial air taxi service. The company has said that we can expect initial flights of its eVTOL as soon as 2021, though no public information is available regarding the specifications of its vehicle less what can be assumed from current renderings. As Skypod One develops necessary ground infrastructure and acquires mandatory certification to launch its service in the Bay Area, TransportUP will update its prospectus.