Quick Summary

PAV-X designed this 12-propeller wingless eVTOL for the purpose of transporting individuals short distances or as a recreational vehicle. It features a large cockpit canopy with an impressive field of view, and was designed to rely on either an all-electric or hybrid-electric powerplant. PAV-X has since established itself as a new company under the name of Espirit Aeronautics and a new version of its eVTOL, named the Lancer ePAV, is currently under development.

PAV-X, based in the UK


Stage of Development

Preliminary Design

Prototype Build

Flight Testing


Commercially Operating
Technical Details

Aircraft Type: Wingless VTOL

Powerplant: All-Electric or Hybrid-Electric

Range: Undisclosed

Top Speed: Undisclosed

Propeller Configuration: six (6) sets of two (2) propellers each; Three blades per propeller

Passenger/Payload Capacity: Single Pilot/Passenger

Autonomy Level: Piloted

Dimensions: 10 ft width; 10 ft height; 6 ft length

Other Information: 

Weight: 370 lb (dry); 617 lb (RTF)

Endurance: 15 min (battery); 75 min (hybrid)

Our Take on PAVX

PAV-X has a sleek design, reasonable performance estimates, and a great looking mockup of their prototype - yet profitability may be a concern considering that their PAVX only carries one person. The company may be aiming for the luxury high-end market where they mainly adopt a B2C structure, but scalability would seem to mandate a commercially applicable platform. As of September 2018, the company closed and a new company called Esprit Aeronautics Limited was established in October 2018.