Flying Taxis to Begin Trials in Dubai Q4 2017

20 June 2017 || < 1 min read

Volocopter has made an agreement with Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority (RTA) to test their VC200 flying taxi beginning in Q4 2017. Trials are expected to last five years. The VC200 is an e-VTOL that seats a pilot and passenger. The RTA is also planning to test flying taxi services from Ehang and Uber Elevate. Vehicle Details Max Speed: 62...

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Neva AirQuadOne Revealed at Paris Air Show

20 June 2017 || 2 min read

Neva Aerospace unveiled a concept for their flying car, the AirQuadOne. It can be manned or unmanned and plan to release a fully electric and hybrid version for longer ranges. Use cases include extreme sports, transportation of 220 lb payloads, and robotic maintenance. The company is looking for certification in the US and EU. Vehicle Details Max Air Speed: 50...

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The future of transportation already has competition. In early May, Elon Musk revealed the Boring Project–A system of underground tunnels that could put cars from the surface onto sleds that travel at hundreds of miles per hour. Recently, Musk also revealed that this system would work in Tandem with the Hyperloop and transportation pods. His main arguments as to why tunnels...

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Last month, Toyota invested $370,000 into a small Japanese company called Cartivator, which has developed a unique flying car with a scheduled first manned flight in 2018. The 30-person company consists of some current and former employees of Toyota, and Toyota is now offering part-time expert engineering assistance as part of its investment in Cartivator. The company plans to debut its...

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Airbus “Pop.Up” Concept Announced

09 May 2017 || < 1 min read

In March of 2017, Airbus unveiled a unique modular concept for a future urban transportation vehicle. This vehicle is able to act as both a car and a VTOL. They have appropriately dubbed this creation the “Pop.up” system. Airbus envisions that this modular idea of transportation will best enable the most efficient on-demand transportation network possible. Other designs and companies competing...

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8 May 2017 || 2 min read In October of 2016, Uber released a 98-page outline of its vision for the future of urban mobility. This future combines surface street transportation with lightweight Vertical Take Off and Landing aircraft (VTOLs). The paper describes not only Uber’s idea of what future mobility will look like, but also articulates Uber’s strategy for the...

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