Filipino Hip Hop Dancer Invents Flying Car

11 October 2018 || 3 min read

A professional hip hop dancer in the Philippines decided he wanted to fly. So he learned engineering, and built a personal passenger drone. His design and prototype were picked up by Australian electric vehicle company Star8, which will bring the aircraft into commercial production.    The “Koncepto Millenya” is modeled like a sports car, and getting into it is...

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Transcend Air has announced its plans for its air taxi service to launch in 2024. It’s not the first VTOL company to announce a date for service launch, with Uber committed to three cities by 2023 and Lilium committed to a 2025 launch. But Transcend Air is one of the first to offer a ‘business class’ style VTOL. The interior...

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Transcend Air Featured Image

We are on the cusp of a revolution in transportation that has far-reaching implications, from how we get across town to a change in how peoples and nations interact. Advanced aerial mobility — the impact on aviation of electric propulsion and autonomy — represents the inclusion into our transportation mix of a mode that doesn’t depend on building and maintaining every mile of connecting...

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We hear a lot lately about urban air mobility and air taxis that are going to transform our commutes. Recently, I’m getting asked if we’ve yet reached peak-hype. I’m not sure people even agree what the hype is about, much less whether we’re at a crescendo. A common vein in hype is being led into an overly short-term mindset and...

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Zunum Aero, an electric commercial airplane developer, has announced its partnership with Safran Helicopter Engines. One might wonder why an electric airplane company would partner with a helicopter engine designer and manufacturer. This is because the Zunum Aero ‘ZA10’ is actually a hybrid electric aircraft. While its motors are indeed electric, existing lithium-ion batteries simply cannot store enough energy to...

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Zunum Aero in the Skies

The Revolution.Aero conference occurred this Monday and Tuesday in San Francisco, led by Alisdair Whyte co-owner and founder of VTOL Investor, Corporate Jet Investor, and Helicopter Investor. Here’s the top takeaways from the event. Key Takeaways: There are currently over 100 electric-propulsion air projects underway funded by more than $2 billion, a nearly three-fold increase in just the past 36...

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At the Geekwire Summit earlier this week, Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg stated his expectation that flying cars will be in operation in five years or less. While he makes the caveat that the the first aerial vehicles may carry cargo rather than passengers, Muilenburg believes that within five years the infrastructure of three-dimensional transit will begin to unfold. “Think about a future...

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Boeing CEO Muilenburg

Bell V-247 VTOL Unveiled

03 October 2018 || 4 min read

Bell has just released plans for an autonomous VTOL built for the toughest of Marine Corps missions. The Bell V-247 ‘Vigilante’ is one of the largest unmanned VTOLs ever made. The tilt rotor combat drone is designed for a wide range of purposes including reconnaissance scouting, remote air strikes, cargo delivery, and more. It’s a versatile aircraft, made to launch...

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Bell V-247

Toyota has Patented its Flying Car

01 October 2018 || 4 min read

Toyota has filed a patent for its flying car design, releasing drawings to the public. On September 26th, Toyota patented a design for a flying car. Unlike many other VTOL designs, the Toyota patent shows a vehicle that is built for city streets as well as the air. Toyota calls it a ‘Dual Mode Vehicle With Wheel Rotors.’ This means...

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Toyota Flying Car

The Texas-based company Astro Aero has just announced that its eVTOL ‘Elroy’, formerly named the ‘AA360’ has successfully completed flight trials. Named after the young boy in the cartoon the ‘The Jetsons’, the Astro Aero Elroy is a vertical take off and landing aircraft with sixteen rotors. The idea behind the Elroy is to allow users to step into the...

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Astro Aero Elroy

AVCP Has a New System for eVTOL Safety

26 September 2018 || 3 min read

A new safety system for eVTOLs uses specialized airbags, a balloon-integrated parachute, and even retro rockets. One of the many benefits of Distributed Electric Propulsion (DEP) as seen in many personal eVTOLs is the design’s redundancy. If one rotor fails, there are still four or more available to make a safe recovery. However a completely failed eVTOL dropping can be...

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AVCP Crash Prevention System in action

HoverSurf is Ready for Consumer Sales

25 September 2018 || 3 min read

HoverSurf just became an approved personal Vertical Take -Off and Landing aircraft.  In a momentous step for the industry, HoverSurf has successfully brought its ‘personal drone’ to market. For years, the greatest obstacle for personal VTOL aircraft has been certification. Owing to safety concerns, these aircraft have to prove that they virtually never fail before most governments will allow...

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Jetoptera Receives Custom Engine from GE Aviation

22 September 2018 || 3 min read

Jetoptera, one of the world’s first jet-powered VTOL companies, is partnering with GE to produce a test vehicle with 500lbs of thrust.    ` Since it’s founding, Jetoptera has been slowly leveling up their VTOL concepts. Last Summer, the company built a vehicle with 100lbs of thrust that could successfully take off vertically, hover, and transition into fixed wing flight....

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Jetoptera Flying Car

Workhorse announced on Tuesday that part of its aviation division, the Workhorse “SureFly”, is up for sale. The Workhorse SureFly is Workhorse‘s edition of personal aircraft. The SureFly is hybrid-electric, can accommodate up to two passengers (or one passenger with cargo) totaling 550lbs of weight. It can travel up to 70mph for two hours, and is designed to quiet, comfortable,...

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Workhorse SureFly in the sunset

India has made another leap forward toward urban aviation. SkyShuttle, a new branch of Indian private jet chartering company JetSetGo, has created a new ‘shared jet and helicopter’ system. Its jet flights while run twice a day between major cities, while its helicopter flights will run from major airports to smaller industrial towns. SkyShuttle claims its service provides “the luxury...

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SkyShuttle Fleet
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