Neva AirQuad One

Quick Summary

The Neva AirQuad One is a personal hover bike capable of carrying payloads of up to 220 pounds. The AirQuad One will apply for Light Aircraft Certification with the FAA and EASA. Since 2017, however, no news has been released about the prototype or company.

Neva Aerospace, a Brighton, UK company

Stage of Development

Preliminary Design

Prototype Build

Flight Testing


Commercially Operating
Technical Details

Aircraft Type: Wingless VTOL

Powerplant: All-Electric

Range: 25 miles

Top Speed: 50 mph

Propeller Configuration: 4 inline lifting propellers, 8 outboard tilting propellers

Passenger/Payload Capacity: 1 pilot (220 lbs)

Autonomy Level: Piloted

Wingspan/Dimensions: Undisclosed

Our Take on the AirQuad One

The AirQuad One has a large amount of backing, mostly due to Neva Aerospace being an industrial consortium that has considerable resources (financial and physical) at its disposal to aid in production of the AirQuad. However, since its debut at the 2017 Paris Air Show, not much has been heard about Neva or its AirQuad project.