Koncepto Millenya

Quick Summary

The Koncepto Millenya is an eVTOL designed and built by Philipino inventor Kyxz Mendiola after he became frustrated with the amount of traffic in Manila. 

Koncept Millenya

Stage of Development

Preliminary Design

Prototype Build

Flight Testing


Commercially Operating
Technical Details

Inventor Name: Kyxz Mendiola

Frame: Carbon Fiber

Rotors: 32

Power: Electric

Top Speed: unknown

Range: unknown

Our Take on the Koncepto Millenya

Not much is known about the Koncepto Millenya other than the public demonstration flight held in the Phillipines or the colorul backstory on Kyxz Mendiola - besides the fact that what he's created is extremely impressive. The Millenya features 32 rotors, is electric-powered, and spurred out of Mendiola's frustration with the abhorrent traffic in Manila.