JETcopter VTOL

Quick Summary

The JETcopter VTOL concept is a 7 seat, counter-rotating blade, dual 400hp automotive engine aircraft that will reportedly be sold for $350,000, JETcopter says. A full prototype will be on display at Aero, Europe's largest aviation trade show, in Germany in April of 2019. A cargo version of the aircraft will be built first and used also for demonstration flights.

Jetcopter, a German company


Stage of Development

Preliminary Design

Prototype Build

Flight Testing


Commercially Operating
Technical Details

Construction: Carbon-fiber body with a size suitable for parking in a van garage.

Max Takeoff Weight (MTOW): 2000 kg

Payload: 5 passengers

Max Range (est): 1000 km

Top Speed: 300 kph

Propulsion: Two 500 hp converted automotive motors, each driving an air turbine 200 cm in diameter. A 950 kph airflow velocity will be diverted to 4 end points, where thrust can be vectored to any direction.

Arrangement: Two counter-rotating ducted fans

Maneuverability: Ability to hover in air similar to a drone, and drive on the road similar to a van.

Cost (est.): $350,000

Our Take on the JETcopter VTOL

The announcement of the JETcopter VTOL concept and the intention to display the mock-up at Aero, Europe's largest aviation trade event, indicates that JETcopter is serious about making an established foray into the VTOL space. Their aircraft is currently powered by two 500hp piston automotive engines so as to not further complicate the mission with unproven propulsion technology, but the configuration could likely change as battery technology advances. Furthermore, the relatively low price of the VTOL means that it will be accessible by a larger array of customers, both private and those who intend to serve as commercial operators. Stay tuned to the publicity and announcements that the company makes at Aero for an indication of future progress.