Hoversurf Formula

Quick Summary

The Hoversurf Formula is an eVTOL that uses folding wings to facilitate forward flight and vertically mounted ducted fans that swivel to provide propulsion. The claimed entry level price is $97,000.

Hoversurf, based in Burlingame, CA

Stage of Development

Preliminary Design

Prototype Build

Flight Testing


Commercially Operating
Technical Details
Top Speed 320 km/h ~173 kt
Range 450 km ~280 miles
Seating 5
Fan type Venturi
Fans 52

The list price for the Hoversurf Formula is currently $97,000 - one of the most inexpensive prices for an eVTOL today. However, the company seems busy developing their hover bike as a proof of concept before moving forward with a full-scale eVTOL design.

From the Hoversurf website:

FORMULA is neither a copter nor an airplane. It combines the best aspects from both of them.

Unlike other S/VTOL, these systems work independently of each other. In most S/VTOL’s, the propellers rotate to move from vertical takeoff to airplane mode - this is their main problem. This has caused 90% of the accidents of the famous V-22 Osprey. Our engineers have solved this problem.  If the wings break off, FORMULA can still safely land. If 50% of the turbines malfunction, FORMULA can still safely land. 

There are no rotary engines - no accidents.

Our Take on the Formula 

The Hoversurf Formula has the elements of a reasonably successful eVTOL design - but it's not very far along the development pipeline. Check back in later for more updates. Additionally, monitor Hoversurf's Hoverbike as an indicator for success and health of the company that would generate momentum to carry into design and production of the Formula.