Volocopter may be the new alternative to the flying car – and it has flight tests under its belt to prove it. The 16-rotor manned eVTOL aircraft (dubbed the VC200) is built by German manufacturer Volocopter and tested in Karlsruhe. The VC200 is estimated to fly at an altitude of around 2km with payloads of up to 450kg.

The Volocopter VC200 was so unlike anything German aviation authorities had seen before that the aircraft was registered under a new category in order to comply with flight regulations.

Why it’s important: Volocopter was previously featured on transportup.com when the company was seeking additional funding after their 2012 introduction of the VC200. Six years later, their concept is finally coming to fruition, and represents a functional flying taxi eVTOL aircraft that is ready to use once certification and public sentiment catch up to the rapid technological development of the flying taxi industry in recent years.


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