German Volocopter released their concept flying car vertiport that will compete with Uber Elevate’s plans to advance flying car and taxi infrastructure in cities. The planned “Volo-ports” will include infrastructure for up to 1,000 passengers to either load or disembark from Volocopters, and the entire experience will be housed on rooftops in urban areas.

The Volo-ports will have 3 additional decks below the surface of the landing space to house maintenance and auxiliary charging stations. Additionally, there will be battery-swap stations on the top deck that allows the Volocopters to continue operations throughout the day without stopping to recharge.

Why it’s important: While Uber has already released their concept for what a flying taxi port may look like, Volocopter’s entry to this space indicates that there is growing sentiment towards developing the infrastructure for flying cars and taxis. Future plans for infrastructure are also in work by FlyBlade – read our article on their recent fundraising to build vertiports here.


Posted by Naish Gaubatz

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