XTI Aircraft Company has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Enterprise Estonia, Estonian Aviation Cluster (EAC), and the Estonian Aviation Academy (EAVA) to recognize Estonia as a Regional Mobility hub for the TriFan 600 hybrid-electric long-range vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) airplane.

“We are excited to partner with Enterprise Estonia, the EAC, and the EAVA to serve the needs of the regional air mobility market,” said Robert LaBelle, Chief Executive Officer, XTI Aircraft Company. He added: “Given Estonia’s track record of being at the forefront of technology innovation, we intend to foster this relationship to deliver maximum results for both parties to include long range mobility utilizing clean aviation technology, while expanding the country’s aerospace centers of excellence.” According to Mr. Kristo Reinsalu, the city of Tallinn, Estonia has enormous potential to become a regional air mobility hub by 2026.

Sigrid Harjo, Member of Enterprise Estonia’s Management Board said: “The Estonian Investment Agency is very pleased to support advanced technology companies like XTI Aircraft. Estonia embraces innovative solutions and wants to be at the forefront of implementing them, so it’s the perfect place for XTI Aircraft to use as a testbed for its innovative planes and as a regional hub in the future.”

Learn more about the XTI TriFan 600’s technical specifications in the TransportUP Hangar

XTI Aircraft’s luxury long-distance VTOL is capable of flying at 345mph for a range of 1200 nautical miles, seating five passengers, and of course, taking off and landing vertically. Since 2017, XTI Aircraft Company has made numerous announcements regarding orders of its TriFan 600 from customers across the globe. Notably, Brazil’s Icon Aviation has placed orders for the XTI aircraft and brought the company’s total orders to over 80. Furthermore, The company marks a major milestone this week by selecting GE’s Catalyst engine as the core of its TriFan600 hybrid-electric propulsion system. GE will not only be the supplier for XTI Aircraft, but will also work closely with the company to develop a series hybrid architecture that will meet the TriFan600 performance requirements.

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Why it’s important: Estonia’s unique location in Europe means it could revolutionize regional connectivity by connecting hundreds of active airports and 100 million people inside a circle of 1000 km by using advanced air mobility solutions such as the TriFan 600. Additionally, Estonia intends to become one of Europe’s climate neutral aviation spots with all regional domestic flights becoming net carbon emission-free by 2030. The signing of this MoU signifies an ever-expanding presence of aerial mobility across the globe.

Source // XTI Aircraft press release

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