On March 10th, a prototype of XPeng’s ‘X2’ eVTOL vehicle, with a sleek design that resembles modern electric cars, arrived at a new XPeng storefront in the Netherlands.

XPeng is already a highly successful electric auto maker in China, having already released several models of its technologically advanced, high-range electric cars. Even though the company was only founded in 2014, XPeng has quickly grown to be one of the world’s top electric vehicle makers, with a market cap of nearly $20 Billion USD. The company has been listed on the NYSE since 2020, with its stated goal to “transform the future of mobility”.

XPeng has now has opened reservations for its 600km range ‘P5’ electric sedan to customers in the Netherlands, while at the same time opening the first XPeng Experience Store in the country. This new store includes a showcase prototype of XPeng’s new electric aircraft. At the Experience Store, shoppers can view and even step inside of the prototype aircraft.

The photo below shows XPeng’s X2 aircraft positioned next to the company’s line of electric cars at its new storefront. This branding is meant to show customers that XPeng has its eyes on the entire future of electric mobility, seeking to bring advanced technology to the skies as well as city streets.

The interior of the X2 itself is similar to the interiors of XPeng’s electric cars, again demonstrating the company’s vision of making aerial electric mobility just as accessible as ground-based electric vehicles.

Currently, the flying EV will seat two passengers, and will feature autonomous flight modes. Unlike many ‘flying car’ concepts in the works, initial prototypes of the X2 have already taken over 10,000 test flights. Designed mainly to be used within cities, the X2 will have a range of about 50 miles, will cruise at about 80mph, and can fit in the size of a standard car parking space.

Why it’s important: While there are many highly successful companies around the world focused on making eVTOL aircraft, XPeng is one of the only electric auto makers to do so. Many of these eVTOL developers are focused on creating aircraft for shared use, but XPeng is one of a few companies in the niche of developing aircraft for in-city personal use. Its expertise and high degree of success in the electric car industry will likely be immensely helpful as the company expands into aerial electric vehicles.

Posted by Benji