Bay Area-based Wisk Aero is continuing its global expansion with the launch of a new engineering hub in Montreal, Canada. The hub will be dedicated to the ongoing development of its 6th generation aircraft (to be revealed later this year).

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Since 2010, the air taxi company has been working toward that mission by designing, developing, and testing five generations of aircraft, and now they are developing their 6th and possibly final iteration, which will have four seats. Much of the company’s work so far has been performed in “stealth mode,” staying out of the public eye, but on April 17th, the 6th generation aircraft made a public debut on the show 60 Minutes with Anderson Cooper.

Wisk is now preparing to launch a new hub with existing Montreal-based personnel and intends to grow this presence to approximately thirty employees by the end of the year. Wisk has been experiencing rapid growth, driven by a tremendous increase in interest for its mission and technology. The company’s new Montreal hub is part of a broader effort to further expand its global team of industry-leading talent around the world.

“We are excited about the launch of our new Montreal hub,” said Sebastien Vigneron, Sr. Vice President of Engineering and Programs. “Canada’s forward-looking approach to aviation and interest in AAM, combined with its pool of experienced aerospace talent, make it an ideal location for Wisk as we expand our global footprint. This expansion highlights the increasing global interest in our mission to bring safe, everyday flight to everyone, and we look forward to continuing that mission with support from our new Montreal-based hub.”

The announcement of the new Montreal hub follows Wisk’s recent expansion into Australia. In addition to Montreal and its headquarters and facilities around the San Francisco Bay Area, Wisk now has a presence in Atlanta (Georgia), New Zealand, and Australia.

Why it’s important: Wisk has accumulated over a decade of experience and over 1550 test flights, and in doing so is shaping the future of daily commutes and urban travel, safely and sustainably. Expansion of operations overseas is integral to the company – and the aerial mobility industry, in general – achieving economies of scale. This will ultimately lead to commercial services becoming a financially feasible endeavor for operators and pricing to be a competitive level for global consumers.

Source // Wisk press release

Posted by Naish Gaubatz