Technology company Whisper Aero unveiled their Whisper Jet concept yesterday as part of a larger reveal of the applications of their ultra-quiet ducted fan technology that is currently under development. Whisper Aero’s tech employs a ducted fan with a large number of propellers turning at much slower speeds than conventional designs to achieve its claimed industry-leading quiet noise footprint.

Whisper Aero is drawing attention with this and other information recently shared at the ongoing American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Aviation Forum in San Diego, California. The company’s propulsion technology is claimed to be almost inaudible during overflight at 200′ with a 55lb drone, according to tweets from COO Ian Villa. The proposed advancements from Whisper Aero offer much lower noise levels and might solve the challenge of more negative public perceptions toward aerial mobility offerings due to higher noise levels.

Whisper Aero is a VC-backed company focused on application of their Whisper electric propulsion technology to a wide range of devices – including aerial mobility aircraft but also as part of consumer goods, such as home fans. The company was founded in Tennessee by Mark Moore, who has previously worked at Uber Elevate.

Whisper Aero released images of a concept Whisper Jet, but also stated that their technology is intended to apply to a wider range of applications than one eVTOL configuration.

Why it’s important: Whisper Aero’s founder Mark Moore has stated that they don’t plan to develop eVTOL’s as a vertically integrated company, but that there’s opportunity moving forward for Whisper to partner with an experienced manufacturer to help deploy their products to a wider market. Whisper Aero’s technology does have some similarities in appearance to the Lillium Jet, but also some key differences in terms of design to reduce noise. As more information is shared on Whisper Aero’s progress over the past two years, more specifics on application and manufacturing partners should emerge.

Posted by Naish Gaubatz