Volocopter has passed another milestone with its crewed eVTOL, the Volocopter 2X. This time, the company has completed a flight test campaign at Tampa International Airport in Florida.

The flight test campaign consisted of aircraft downwash and outwash testing with the U.S. Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) and performance testing in local environmental conditions. Media, partners, and guests were invited to the event with a clear view of the public on location. The invitees included Florida Department of Transportation Secretary Jared Purdue, Mayor of Tampa Jane Castor, and leaders from Congress who are supporting UAM industry growth, regulatory advancement, and acceleration of public acceptance of eVTOLs in the U.S.

“Tampa International Airport has always embraced innovation and futuristic planning, and we’ve already identified a potential site for urban air mobility as a part of our Master Plan. This technology has the potential to transform the aviation and transportation industry, and we’re excited to partner with Volocopter as we introduce and visualize the amazing possibilities that lie ahead,” said Joe Lopano, CEO of Tampa International Airport.

Volocopter will start commercial services with a certified and shared air taxi service in the heart of megacities around the world. The quiet, safe, and sustainable operations of a certified eVTOL will not only provide efficient transportation, reduce congestion, but also kickstart the decarbonization of the aviation industry. 

Stateside, Volocopter recently announced its partnership with the Bristow Group to begin operations of eVTOLs in the near future, with Florida being one of the targeted areas of operation. Since 2018, Volocopter has flown in Las Vegas, Oshkosh, Dallas-Fort Worth area, and Tampa. Continued and visible flight test campaigns in view of the public are crucial steps to building an efficient UAM ecosystem that receives the communities’ support.

Tampa International Airport hosts first ever air taxi test flight in Florida – YouTube

Why it matters: This marks the first-ever flight test of an electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft in an operational and large international airport in the U.S., and the first eVTOL test in the state of Florida. Additionally the participation of members of Congress and local government show the growing interest in aerial mobility. These type of demonstrations show eVTOL operations can integrate into the National Airspace System and offer the public with a new way to travel.

Source: Volocopter Press Release

Posted by Ross Piscoran