Volocopter shared on Monday, June 20th their plans for attendance at ILA Berlin Air Show – one of Germany’s leading trade shows for the aerospace industry, ongoing from 22-26 June. The first three days are reserved for trade professionals, with viewing available to the public over the weekend on two visitor days (25 and 26 June). The conference is reported to have focus points on innovations in climate-neutral flight, new mobility, and safety in space.  
Volocopter’s VoloCity will be on static display, and colleagues from Volocopter will be on site to answer questions on the aircraft and share their insights into UAM. The conference will feature talks and panel discussions from across the board.

Many other eVTOL players intend on showing at the airshow – including AIRBUS and Autoflight gmbh – as aerial mobility makes inroads as a regularly represented constituent at varying locations across the world.

Why it’s important: As an increasing number of aerial mobility companies are growing worldwide, it’s becoming vitally important for public awareness and the professional aviation sector to continue to become more familiar with the intents of aerial mobility and enable networking connections to foster the kinds of inter-firm relationships that are critical for the next generation of mobility technology. While aerial mobility companies are for the most part independent at this time, advances from cross-pollination of best practices will greatly aid the industry’s progression into the next 5 year sprint (2nd segment aerial mobility).

Posted by Naish Gaubatz