Adacel Technologies Limited (Adacel) an advanced air traffic management solutions and simulation and training system company, announced on May 3rd the completion of acquisition of a new virtual Air Traffic Control (ATC) tower solution. This important milestone marks Adacel’s entry into the fast-growing virtual ATC tower market.

The new system passed Site Acceptance Testing with Estonian Air Navigation Services (EANS) to provide virtual ATS tower operations for Kuressaare in Tallinn. Built on modular, open architecture principles, the tower is suitable for a variety of functional needs, including integration with existing or new air traffic management, communication, navigation, and surveillance systems.

“We welcome our new team and customer to the Adacel family. The new virtual ATC tower solution presents immense opportunities for everyone, and along with our deep industry expertise and ever-evolving technological advancements, we look forward to continuing to advance safety and efficiency in aviation,” shares Daniel Verret, Adacel’s CEO.

These types of virtual ATC towers immediately provide great training opportunities for future air traffic controllers, but also represent a modular, configurable option for simulation of UTM (unmanned traffic management) platforms to interplay with current controlled airspace systems.

Why it’s important: Integration of advanced air traffic training systems will help aid in the progression from mixed/hybridized ATC solutions for handling both manned and unmanned traffic systems (such as the proposal with the United States’ NAS integration with unmanned air traffic) as well as the current modernization of general aviation systems.

Posted by Naish Gaubatz