Transcend Air, based in Boston MA, has partnered with  design studio Huslig Collective to create custom Reserved Editions of its Vy400 aircraft.

The Vy400 is Transcend Air’s VTOL aircraft, which will be available both as an air taxi service of the U.S and privately for $6M USD.

Transcend Air’s Vy400 tilt-wing aircraft has been in development since 2009, with an official company formed in 2017. Well on its way to market release, the Vy400 can fly up to 450 miles at 400mph, with 2,190 lbs of useful payload and cabin pressurization up to 8,000 ft.

In the company’s latest news, Transcend Air is offering refined interior options for the Vy400 to make it spacious, luxurious, and comfortable for hour-long flights. For this, it has partnered with renowned design firm Huslig Collective to custom-make interiors according to Reserved Edition buyers’ specifications.

Said Huslig Collective President Mark Huslig:

Great design is a dialog between the imagined and the possible. The Vy 400R opens up new possibilities for flight, and we already imagine new ways to make that experience more incredible…. We can’t wait to help personalize the completions with their new owners.”

Transcend Air

A look at a possible custom interior for the Transcend Air Vy400R.

Transcend Air chose Huslig collective for its depth of experience in creating remarkable and innovative vehicle interiors. According to Transcend Air COO Peter Schmidt, Huslig was the “perfect choice” to work with Transcend’s Reserved Edition customers. He added, “From helicopters to jets, their creations are outstanding and truly unique.”

Transcend Air

An Airbus H-160 helicopter interior design by Huslig Collective.

Forty positions are currently available for orders of the Vy400R. Base versions of the Vy400 won’t be available until 2021. Anyone interested in the ordering a Vy400R can contact Transcend Air at 

Why it’s important: By positioning itself to enter the market early with a luxury aircraft, Transcend Air has begun to mark its territory in the city to city VTOL transport segment. While other companies such as EHang, Volocopter, and Uber focus on affordable intra-city transport, Transcend Air proves variation in the VTOL marketing by targeting longer distances and more affluent customers. Providing a luxury version of the Vy400 will do much to help push this new industry segment forward.

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Sources // Transcend Air, Huslig Collective, Business Wire


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