On October 20th of 2022, Mám Dron Association will hold the Slovak Republic’s first annual professional conference on drones and their use in industry. Topics will include the management of Unmanned Aerial Operations, legislation and safety, UAS applications in industry and services, and research and development.

The Drontex conference will bring together representatives of relevant national and European institutions, universities, and private companies, allowing them to present on their activities and conduct industry networking, all in the interest of aligning and advancing the UAV industry in the Slovak Republic. The conference is also open to the general public, to promote learning opportunities for both enthusiasts and those interested in the industry.

In particular, organizers of the Drontex conference highlight the immense growing and potential use cases for UAV technologies in agriculture, cartography and energy. “For want of other professional event in Slovakia that would reflect the needs of this developing segment, our Mám Dron Association decided to organize a conference that would fill in the gap, and contribute to improving the conditions for efficient use of unmanned aerial technologies and development of drone services in Slovakia,“ said Mám Dron Association’s president, Rastislav Sopko.

Key topics of presentations at the conference will include the coordination of drone operations in airspace used by civil aviation, speeches by members of EASA on the uses of UAV in emergency response, urban environments, and Air Force, the use of UAS in national industries like energy and agriculture, and the future areas of research and development for these technologies.

For more information about the upcoming conference, visit Drontex’s website.

Why it’s important: The emergence of conferences like Drontex in ever more international settings indicates the spread of UAV, remotely piloted, and distributed electric propulsion technologies in economies worldwide. While the Slovak Republic has yet to introduce passenger-carrying eVTOLs, the implementation of UAV technologies in the regulatory and industrial structure of the country lays the groundwork for future innovations and imports of aerial mobility services from other countries as well.

Posted by Benji