Skyway, an Urban Air Traffic Management operation center and air traffic navigation provider and Skyportz, a Melbourne company focused on securing access to a range of vertiport development locations, announced that they are collaborating in a new partnership to expand the comprehensive infrastructure for Urban Air Mobility in Australia. This partnership will bring together Skyway’s capabilities in urban airspace navigation, vertiport planning and development, and vertiport management systems with Skyportz’s extensive network of potential landing sites across Australia.

“This partnership is a significant step towards unlocking the potential of UAM,” said Clifford Cruz, CEO of Skyway. “By combining our strengths in airspace management, vertiport planning and development, and  management systems with Skyportz’s vast network of potential landing sites, we are at the forefront of this transformative industry.” 

Skyportz is a vertiport developer with ready-to-activate sites throughout Australia; including existing helipads and airports, suburban and urban locations such as business parks, shopping centers, car parking garages, industrial sites, and greenfield city fringe developments. The company is also helping property developers to future-proof their projects so they can offer access to air taxi and freight services as soon as they start operating. 

“Skyportz’ focus is on securing access to a range of Skyportz locations to ensure that we can offer the backbone of a destination network for UAM,”  said Clem Newton-Brown, CEO of Skyportz. “We are thrilled to partner that business model with Skyway’s ability to provide comprehensive and  customized vertiport management systems and UATM infrastructure”. 

A collaboration with Skyportz opens the door for Skyway to provide a comprehensive infrastructure that satisfies the time-sensitive demands of the ever-expanding UAM market while securing it’s already substantial influence as a leader in vertiport development. As they increase their reach through this significant collaborative  relationship, Skyway and Skyportz will enable a shift towards innovative problem solving within the aviation industry as a whole. At a time when industry-wide action is undeniably critical, these two companies leverage each others’ strengths and set a new pace for UAM development on a global scale. 

Why it’s important: Skyportz’ partnership with Skyway will allow for greater collaboration between a UATM and vertiport firm focused on operations in Australia and represents foundational alliance creation that should help to pave the way for future aerial mobility developments in the region. This infrastructure is being built far ahead of full scale commercialized eVTOL operations, but the advantage of being a first mover in the industry will be large if growth projections over the next decade hold at least partially accurate.

Posted by Naish Gaubatz