Skyportz is adding properties to begin building landing sites for aerial taxis in Australia.

Concept art from Skyportz

Skyportz, based in Melbourne, Australia is a company dedicated to helping buildings and properties ready themselves for eVTOL air taxis operations. The company’s mission is develop the necessary infrastructure to make aerial mobility a reality. Most recently, Skyportz was joined by Parking Australia, which represents the majority of parking structure companies in the country.

The partnership with Skyportz will lay the groundwork for Australia’s parking companies to begin updating properties to support eVTOL operations, both cargo and passenger. As of last Summer, Uber Elevate, which is developing a global eVTOL air taxi network, selected Melbourne as its first international city for launch in 2023.

According to Skyportz CEO and Founder Clem Newton-Brown:

“Space is at a premium in our cities and this partnership will enable Skyportz to develop a comprehensive network of sites across Australia in preparation for the aerial mobility revolution which is almost here.”

Uber’s vision for aerial mobility in Melbourne. Commercial operations are expected to launch 2023.

Parking Australia CEO Stuart Norman said:

“With the future changing modes of mobility the commercial car parking industry is well placed to provide the infrastructure needs of new mobility, including autonomous vehicles, electric charging and electric Vertical Take Off and Landing aircraft landing pads.”

“This agreement with Skyportz will give our members the opportunity to be an integral part of this new transportation revolution and to lead the world,” 

Another concept for a rooftop eVTOL vertiport concept from Arup and Pickard Chilton.

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Why it’s important: As aerial mobility networks edge closer to reality, local business operations are preparing for their arrival. Skyportz has begun forming important partnerships for the future, and the latest partnership with Parking Australia represents a positive sign for community acceptance. Through this partnership, Melbourne can take significant steps to begin building eVTOL infrastructure.


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