The future of drone operations in Australia received a considerable boost as Skyports Drone Services, a global leader in drone operations, announced last week that they’ve joined forces with Australian drone manufacturer Carbonix. This partnership is set to advance beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) operations across the country, leveraging cutting-edge long-range vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft technology.

In the initial phase of this collaboration, Skyports Drone Services will integrate experienced drone pilots into Carbonix’s operations. These pilots will provide Carbonix with invaluable flight experience while conducting routine data acquisition missions for the energy infrastructure and mining sectors. The goal is to enhance Carbonix’s drone systems and operational protocols, paving the way for formidable BVLOS capability.

Skyports Drone Services, with a presence spanning Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, and the Middle East, brings considerable expertise to this venture. The company specializes in offering logistical, surveying, and monitoring services to a diverse clientele, including healthcare providers, cargo and delivery companies, shipping firms, and energy producers. The collaboration with Carbonix represents Skyports Drone Services’ inaugural commercial project in Australia.

With Skyports Drone Services’ pool of skilled pilots and experience, Carbonix is poised to deliver scalable uncrewed aerial data acquisition services to Australian businesses aiming to modernize infrastructure inspections.

Carbonix CEO, Philip van der Burg, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We’re thrilled to partner with an experienced and reputable global operator. Skyports Drone Services fills a crucial niche with their scalable VTOL UAVs and operational know-how. We anticipate their pilots will augment our BVLOS capabilities, fostering a lasting partnership rooted in knowledge and expertise exchange.”

For Skyports Drone Services, this collaboration accelerates their BVLOS operations in the region, positioning them to meet potential growing demand in the local UAV market. According to Skyports Drone Services Director, Alex Brown, “Our role extends beyond flying; we lead in regulation, compliance, safety management, airspace management, and stakeholder coordination. Our partnership with Carbonix will harness this knowledge to bolster operational capabilities and facilitate the expansion of infrastructure inspection services. Demonstrating the safety of drone operations is pivotal to the long-term growth of the industry, and we are eager to share our operational wisdom to support Carbonix and promote the adoption of drone technology.”

The partnership’s success will soon be evident as Skyports Drone Services has already assisted Carbonix in over 85 long-range missions, covering more than 1,500 kilometers across Australia. These missions have included inspections of critical power infrastructure, vegetation encroachment, and asset management for organizations like Hitachi Vintara, Charles Darwin University, Endeavour Energy, TransGrid, EVO Energy, South Australian Power Networks, and Ausgrid.

Why it’s important: This partnership aims to establish a world-class operator training program to nurture local talent, which will be pivotal to scaling up long-distance drone operations in Australia. As the synergy between Skyports Drone Services and Carbonix continues to grow, the future of aerial mobility in Australia and advanced drone operations gains a larger base, promising increased efficiency and innovation across various industries.

Posted by Naish Gaubatz