London-based Skyports Drone Services has introduced Speedbird Aero as its latest aircraft partner for the Orkney I-Port operation. The partnership between these two industry-leading companies promises to improve drone delivery and logistics projects globally, starting with the Orkney I-Port initiative in partnership with Royal Mail, Orkney Islands Council Harbour Authority, and Loganair.

Speedbird Aero, a Brazilian drone manufacturer, will contribute its advanced DLV-2 aircraft to Skyports’ drone fleet. The DLV-2 boasts a payload capacity of 6kg and a range of up to 16km, making it an ideal vehicle for the Orkney I-Port project. This innovative electric multirotor drone will be deployed for three months of inter-island delivery flights, facilitating Royal Mail’s mission to provide seamless service to the residents of Orkney.

The decision to select the DLV-2 was influenced by its payload volume, which suits the transportation of cargo such as Royal Mail parcels. The drone’s ability to operate safely in challenging weather conditions surpassing the upper limits of the Orkney inter-island ferry provides a crucial advantage in ensuring uninterrupted delivery services.

Orkney’s unique geography and weather patterns often disrupt traditional delivery services, leading to delays in ferry schedules and hindered mail transportation. By leveraging drones like the DLV-2, Skyports and its partners aim to overcome these challenges, offering faster and more efficient deliveries to remote communities.

Alex Brown, Director of Skyports Drone Services, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration with Speedbird Aero, emphasizing the importance of working with manufacturers that prioritize quality, safety, and innovation. The Orkney I-Port project, with its esteemed partners and community-focused objectives, serves as an excellent starting point for the partnership’s promising future.

The Orkney I-Port flights, conducted within existing regulatory frameworks using extended visual line of sight (EVLOS), pave the way for potential extensions beyond the initial three-month period. Furthermore, the DLV-2 will be deployed in logistics and delivery projects across Skyports Drone Services’ diverse markets, further expanding its influence in the drone industry.

Why it’s important: The collaboration between Skyports Drone Services and Speedbird Aero represents a step forward in the advancement of drone logistics, particularly in remote and challenging regions like Orkney. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and innovation, this partnership will hopefully also inform future aerial mobility applications of EVLOS and BVLOS operations; notably, the higher payload capability of drones being used for these types of operation will continue to grow as airspace integration for larger and larger unmanned aerial systems becomes more commonplace.

Posted by Naish Gaubatz