SkyDrive announced on November 28th that they’ve signed a MoU with Pacific Group Co Ltd, a leading renewable energy company and investment promotion with international funds in Vietnam, for pre-order of 10 SkyDrive SD-05 eVTOL’s with options for up to 90 additional, or 100 total. Pacific Group has also agreed to explore sustainable and easily accessible new mobility solutions focused on the use case of SkyDrive’s SD-05 flying vehicles in the Vietnamese market. 

SkyDrive Signs MoU For 100 eVTOLs For Potential Use In Vietnam | Aviation  Week Network

Pacific Group’s interest in SkyDrive’s eVTOLs specifically targets the crowded roadways in Vietnam’s urban centers, and aims to increase traffic safety by removing vehicles from the road and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions with electric-powered aircraft.

“We would be happy to contribute to solving Vietnam’s social issues by providing eVTOLs, a means of transportation using  the sky, as one of the country’s new transportation infrastructures,” said SkyDrive CEO  Tomohiro Fukuzawa.

Vietnam’s government committed at COP26 to net-zero emissions by year 2050, and several companies and localities in Vietnam include trending toward net zero emissions as a must-do in their short term business plan. Le Ngoc Anh Minh, Executive President and Founder of Pacific Group, stated: “Of course, we will have to work closely with SkyDrive and several authorities such as Vietnam Transport Ministry, Civil Aviation Agency of Vietnam, Vietnam Ministry of Defense from time to time to explain and present the trend and technology of eVTOL to get approval and to enhance regulations updated.”

Why it’s important: Pacific Group’s interest in SkyDrive eVTOLs represents an early move by a Vietnamese customer and priority position in line to receive eVTOL aircraft for utilization in Vietnam. Further, this order represents burgeoning demand for transportation investments and improvements in Vietnam, a country currently making strides in economic modernization and per capita GDP growth as the nation modernizes their industry.

Posted by Naish Gaubatz