Japanese aerial mobility company SkyDrive placed 2nd at the World Startup Competition, held in San Francisco, CA, last week, with the finale occurring on September 30th.

SkyDrive’s accomplishment at this competition comes as a success for the broader aerial mobility industry, and provides some important visibilty to SkyDrive and other companies that are working on innovative technologies. Ultimately, companies seek to employ these technologies in the democratization of aviation and leverage the advantages of aerial mobility systems to move more passengers in a more efficient, and safer manner on short haul routes.

SkyDrive has achieved a fair amount of milestones recently, including release of their SD-05 prototype, partnering with Volatus Infrastructure, and announcing that they intend on showcasing their SD-03 personal aerial vehicle at the GITEX Global 2022 conference.


Why it’s important: Among the broader pool of startup applicants and competitors in the World Startup Competition, a high placing aerial mobility company bodes well for the level of interest and confidence in the viability and feasibility of the industry.

Posted by Naish Gaubatz