Bye Aerospace, developer of ground-breaking electric aircraft, has today announced that it has added Rod Zastrow, an Air Force pilot with over 25 years of experience, to its board of directors.

Rod Zastrow

New Bye Aerospace Board of Directors Member Rod Zastrow Featured with the all-Eeectric eFlyer trainer aircraft

Since its founding, the mission of Bye Aerospace has been to develop the next generation of electric aircraft, starting with the eFlyer trainer aircraft. The two-seater eFlyer is built to help train new pilots using the power of renewable energy, and will pave the way for future Bye Aerospace aircraft with a higher passenger capacity. The eFlyer will be fully certified under the new FAR 23 rules, and has already received over 300 pre-purchase deposits.

Rod Zastrow is a highly accomplished pilot with over 25 years of flying experience in the Air Force, as well having had multiple years of experience in leading aviation training schools. Before retiring from the Air Force in 2010, Zastrow served as Chief of Staff of the Air Force’s senior representative to the U.S. Army War College, and he is currently President of Spartan Global Aviation Training, LLC.

Rod Zastrow

The all-electric eFlyer trainer aircraft

Said Zastrow:
“I am both humbled and excited to join the Board of Directors of this all-electric general aviation industry leader. As with historic aviation pioneers, George Bye and Bye Aerospace continue to demonstrate the innovation and passion to accomplish what others only imagine. Bye Aerospace is the aviation world’s trend setter for sustainable, quiet, cost-reducing aviation platforms, as envisioned with the eFlyer family, for training the world’s future pilot force, enabling fixed wing urban air mobility and bringing forward an exciting Golden Age 2.0 for aviation.”

Added George Bye, CEO of Bye Aerospace:
“It is quite an honor to welcome Rod to our Board of Directors,” said George Bye, CEO of Bye Aerospace. “Following his retirement from his many years of service, including as an Air Force pilot, to our country, Rod led the establishment of a leading international military flight training academy, and led international business development for one of the earliest flight school supporters of our eFlyer program. Pilot training is one of our key markets, and Rod’s knowledge as a pilot and as a flight school executive will bring an important balance to our Board.”

Why it’s important: Bye Aerospace’s incremental approach to creating electric aircraft will do a great deal to make all-electric flight a reality sooner rather than later. This real-world testing application of batteries will push the entire electric flight industry forward, boosting the progress of other kinds electric aerial mobility aircraft as well. Adding an accomplished pilot and aviation educator like Rob Zastrow to its board will allow Bye Aerospace not only manufacture quality trainer aircraft, but also to help new pilots become accustomed to the all-electric aircraft of the future.

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