Qarbon Aerospace has agreed with LIFT Aircraft to perform the system integration and assembly of LIFT’s HEXA eVTOL flying car at Qarbon’s Red Oak Facility. Additionally, Qarbon will secure supply chain sourcing as well for the HEXA, making the company the end-to-end manufacturer for LIFT’s flying car. 

According to Qarbon’s CEO Pete Wick, “This integration and assembly work expands upon the strong existing relationship between Qarbon Aerospace and the LIFT Aircraft team. We’re very proud that LIFT has placed their confidence in us to support them as the manufacturer of choice for their first-to-market eVTOL aircraft.”

Based in Red Oak, the company was formed just last month in May 2021 as a result of the acquisition of Qarbon Aerospace (formerly known as Triumph Group, Inc.) by equity firm Arlington Capital Partners. With three facilities — Red Oak, Milledgeville, GA and Rayong, Thailand — Qarbon now operates nearly 2 million square feet of factory space, where large, complex structural components are manufactured, such as fuselages, wings, flight control surfaces, and engine nacelles. 

LIFT CEO Matt Chasen pilots the HEXA over Camp Mabry, Texas as part of a visit for the USAF’s Agility Prime Initiative. Photograph: Sean Kornegay

Qarbon now is in charge of the manufacturing of the HEXA, a 18-propeller, 1-seater eVTOL aircraft. Designed for both recreational and military use, the HEXA provides services such as recreational trips over San Francisco Bay or air ambulance duties through the United States Air Force. The recreational flight services are available to anyone, and will cost $249 (currently $199 for early bird flight reservations) for a 15 minute flight with no pilot’s license required. Before flight, the customer will be required to undergo a 1 hour flight lesson, which covers safety training, flight controls instruction in a VR simulator, preflight checks, and a flight briefing from a “remote safety pilot.”  The HEXA also is currently part of the United States Air Force’s Agility Prime Initiative, and is in development for air ambulance and cargo retrieval services. 

Visit LIFT’s website here.

Air Force Chief of Staff Charles Q. Brown, Jr., is shown seated in the HEXA aircraft. Photograph: Sean Kornegay

Why it’s important: With the manufacturer for the HEXA now selected, LIFT is one step closer to introducing a reinvention to how consumers and USAF approach transportation and logistics by providing easily accessible eVTOL flights nationwide. The first round of HEXAs are now slated for assembly at the Red Oak Facility, meaning that LIFT’s vision of making flying accessible to anyone could soon become a reality. 

Source // Dallas Innovates

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