MOU signed between Pegasus Universal Aerospace and aviation consultancy, Callen-Lenz.

The two companies now have a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for an exclusive collaboration to design and develop the Pegasus One flight controls system, which will enable the aircraft to deliver its powerful performance capabilities in all phases of flight, including transition from vertical take-off and hover, to forward horizontal flight. According to an interview with founder and Chairman Dr. Reza Mia, Pegasus “believe[s] that Callen-Lenz is the ideal partner for Pegasus. Their inventive approach to aerospace challenges, their expertise, and their willingness to embark on this exciting journey with us to deliver a unique proposition determined our selection process. We are excited to be working on this game changing project with them.”

Jonathan Webber, CEO of technical aviation consultancy Callen-Lenz, emphasized that “we have been invited to work with a number of new aircraft programs, but were extremely impressed by the ambition, vision and quality of the Pegasus VBJ project. As the race hots up to deliver new aircraft technologies, we are pleased to join forces with one of the most exciting airframes in development.”


To learn more about the Pegasus VBJ, visit Pegasus’ website here.

The Pegasus team has already made great strides over the past year in developing multiple scale models. At the European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (EBACE) in Geneva this year, the company unveiled a one-eighth-scale model of the all-composite aircraft and began taking pre-orders.

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Why it’s important: The MOU with Callen-Lenz Group ushers in the next significant phase in the Pegasus One program, as the teams work closely with the Pegasus executive team, engineers and newly appointed chief pilot Captain Andrew Dietrich. Dietrich has over 16,000 hours of flight time, specializing in ultra-long-range commercial airliners, and will oversee compliance, safety, and flight operations throughout the testing of the aircraft. The experience and support of teammates like Captain Dietrich will work in favor of the company’s plan to develop a full-scale VTOL demonstrator to show in Europe in 2020.

Sources // Pegasus Aerospace; DefenseWeb

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