The PAL-V flying car will go on tour in the Netherlands in August of this year (via road and sky) to demonstrate the advantages of the aircraft to confirmed and prospective buyers alike. The PAL-V most closely resembles that of a gyrocopter in flight, and requires a gyrocopter pilot’s license to operate. While the vehicle can convert from car to aircraft in less than 3 minutes, it is currently only approved to make flights from airports. Unfortunately, taking off from the highway during rush hour isn’t approved just yet.

PAL-V will work with Dienst Wegverkeer (the Netherlands Vehicle Authority) to conduct final inspections that will lead to the car’s authorization to be driven on roads in the Netherlands next month.

Marco van den Bosch, the company’s director, noted in a statement that “Next month, after the certification is finally given, we want to have a tour and visit several cities in the Netherlands.”

The flying car maker intends on first deliveries of the aircraft in early 2021, a delayed date from the initial target of late 2019. This rollout progression may be indicative of the approximate entry to service dates for other aerial mobility aircraft, roughly a year later than anticipated. However, individual scenarios will inevitably vary.

While the PAL-V is truly a “flying car” or “personal aerial vehicle” (PAV) as they are commonly referred to, the application process with Dienst Wegverkeer and the Dutch Aviation authorities that will eventually allow the aircraft to conduct demonstration flights and drives in the Netherlands is a similar process that many aerial mobility manufacturers will need to undergo to bring their products to market. Additionally, the framework for approval in this instance offers the public an opportunity to meet the new products in person and offers opportunities for new feedback that might not have been obtained during earlier design phases.

Why it’s important: The PAL-V’s tour through the Netherlands is reassuring amongst the challenging times of COVID-19 in that the manufacturer is able to move forward with their rollout of the PAL-V as a commercial viable personal aerial vehicle that is currently available for sale.

Source // PAL-V and The Daily Star

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