Airbus has selected MagicaLL, a company that develops electric motors specialized for flight, to provide propulsion motors for Airbus’s CityAirbus NextGen eVTOL.

Above: A mockup of the Airbus CityAirbus NextGen. In this image, several of the electric motor locations can be seen along the wings and tail wing of the aircraft.

While other companies making electric motors for aviation do exist such as MagniX, Airbus has selected California-based company MAGicALL to design and manufacture the motors of its all-electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft. In particular, Airbus has chosen a tailored version of MAGicALL’s ‘MAGiDRIVE’ motor, which provides 50 Nm/kg of torque at a very light weight, includes an enclosed electronic power control system, and features air-cooling and low vibration capabilities that could allow the CityAirbus NextGen to travel at speeds of 75mph with no more noise emissions than a household vacuum cleaner.

The two companies have already begun work on the customized version of the MAGICaALL motor that will be used with the CityAirbus NextGen. According to Airbus, these customizations will enable the latest prototype to ‘benefit from features that match its unique design’, increasing both performance and reliability.

Also according to Airbus, MAGicALL’s motors will contribute to the seamless architecture of Airbus’ eVTOL prototype as its MAGiDRIVE includes both the motor itself and its control system in a single fully enclosed unit.

Said Joerg P. Mueller, Airbus’ Head of Urban Air Mobility, “We are proud to benefit from the experience of MAGicALL to develop the electric propulsion system of CityAirbus NextGen. The electric motors are a major component of our prototype: the high torque and low weight of the MAGiDRIVE as well as its robust design will be highly beneficial for the overall efficiency of the aircraft.”

Above: A rear view of the CityAirbus NextGen that shows the locations of its eight total electric motors.

MAGicALL has been designing and manufacturing electric motors for vehicles since 2004, and was Airbus’ previous partner in its experimental ‘Airbus Vahana‘ project, which featured a tilt-wing eVTOL that eventually led to the CityAirbus NextGen. MAgicALL has also partnered with Bell on its Air Transport Pod (ATP) project, which features a large unmanned aircraft that can carry up to 70lbs of cargo.

Why it’s important: This announcement comes as the latest chapter in a recent slew of news from Airbus regarding its eVTOL program. Within the last two weeks, Airbus has announced the formation of an Air Mobility Initiative in Germany, and also a major partnership with ITA airways in Italy. These plans, along with the NextGen’s growing technological momentum with MAGicALL, suggest that Airbus is making a major push toward commercial rollout of its aircraft.

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Source // Airbus, Auto Evolution


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