The market for eVTOL leasing is gaining traction as this week, Lobo has signed a letter of intent to lease 5 unmanned Pipistrel eVTOLs to Air Taurus, Ltd.

Air Taurus Limited is an eVTOL operator headquartered in Ireland and a group affiliate of AYR Logistics, a UK-based logistics and aviation services company. Lobo manages aviation investments across the world in both the existing helicopter market as well as the fast-developing eVTOL and advanced air mobility sectors. The two will work together to help

Air Taurus will lease Pipistrel’s Nuuva V300 unmanned eVTOL which is capable of a cruise speed of approximately 120 knots with a cargo capacity of up to 300kg and a maximum range of 300km with reserves. This will enable the company to deliver critical supplies and food to underserved and difficult to reach areas.

Gustavo Semeraro, Senior Vice President, Business Development at Lobo Leasing, said: “We are proud to continue at the forefront of this fast-developing market by bringing a pioneering partnership to develop a financial solution to support AYR’s crucial humanitarian work. AYR is a respected and experienced operator, and we greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with them on finalising this letter of intent. The V300 has the potential to transform the humanitarian aviation sector by bringing an entirely new approach to the delivery of long-standing operational requirements”.

Stephen Lyons, Chief Development Officer at AYR, said: “This marks an important step forward in our plans to introduce unmanned aircraft to the humanitarian sector. We are grateful to Lobo Leasing for their support and the shared vision we have for the humanitarian application of unmanned aircraft.”

The LOI is aligned with the Nuuva V300 development program and targets delivery of the first units to Air Taurus between 2025 and 2026.

Why it matters: Many commercial airliners and business jets are leased to customers rather than bought outright. With lessors entering the aerial mobility space, operators will be able to access eVTOL platforms to advance their businesses with lower direct entry costs. Expect to see similar lessors entering the space as eVTOL makers near commercialization of their production models.

Posted by Ross Piscoran