German eVTOL developer Lilium, having recently partnered with NetJets to begin integrating eVTOL aircraft into its fleet, has now released renderings of the various cabin seating configurations that may be ordered for the aircraft. So far, the three types of cabins include a six-passenger version, a ‘club’ version with a four-passenger more luxurious and spacious seating arrangement, and a cargo version.

Above: Lilium’s eVTOL Jet positioned next side-by-side with a NetJets private charter jet. NetJets has placed a pre-order with Lilium to integrate 150 of its eVTOLs into its private charter fleet.

Lilium has been prototyping its eVTOL aircraft since as early as 2015, when it released footage of a much smaller (but very similar) version of its eVTOL jet. Unlike many eVTOL aircraft, the Lilum jet is unique in that it uses around 36 ducted fans / jets to provide propulsion. These jets, integrated with the wings of the aircraft, can rotate to vector thrust that allows for either vertical or forward flight, with all-electric top cruising speeds of about 175mph.

Since beginning its work in 2015, Lilum has been progressively releasing larger and larger versions of its aircraft. Starting with a two-seater prototype, the company unveiled a five-seater version in 2019, and most recently released its largest aircraft, a seven-seater configuration prototype.

Now, Lilium has announced that its production version will of the aircraft will have three different interior configurations designed for various market applications. The first, its original configuration, features comfortable room for six passengers plus a pilot.

The next version, targeted at passengers (or possibly private owners) that are willing to pay a little extra for a more spacious and luxurious interior, has room four passengers, and includes desks and tables for working or dining in flight. This version would be best suited for corporate customers who travel regionally for work and would potentially conduct meetings or business while in the air.

And finally, Lilium has also released renderings of the cargo version of its aircraft, which displays how the spacious interior can be used for regional logistics shipping of cargo.

Why it’s important: Lilium recently announced a partnership with one of the world’s largest private jet charter and fractional ownership companies, NetJets, which included an order for 150 of Lilium eVTOL aircraft. While some operations partners will prefer to use the six-passenger version of the Lilium jet to be more economical, customers of Netjets who are accustomed to traveling by private jet and who often book out an entire aircraft rather than a single seat will be looking for an eVTOL that is more similar to how they have been flying. With these new cabin configurations, Lilium has branched its market out its market to also include the large segment of passengers who previously flew by private jet.

Posted by Benji