Lilium, the German company behind the world’s first eVTOL jet, has announced that it will partner with Astronics for its aircraft’s secondary power distribution system.

Above: Image of Lilium’s eVTOL jet prototype, propelled by 36 ducted fans

While technology by Lilium will distribute power for the propulsion of the Lilium Jet, the secondary system from Astronics will convert high voltage energy from the Jet’s batteries to low voltage to provide energy for the aircraft’s flight controls, avionics, navigation, communication, sensors, internal and external lights, and passenger comfort systems. Astronomics will design, develop, and build these systems.

In addition, Astronics will also provide charging power distribution units which will manage battery charging, and monitor battery insulation. These systems will be able detect and report short circuit risks across the system.

The systems provided by Astronics will be critical for the Lilium jet’s success. According to a recent press release from Lilium, Astronics is one of the leading Tier 1 aerospace suppliers in its field, and provides power, lighting, and connectivity solutions for OEMs such as Airbus, Boeing, and Embraer. Astronics offers complete design, integration, and certification services, making it an expert in both creating and supplying new kinds of systems.

Martin Schuebel, Senior Vice President Procurement at Lilium, commented: “Astronics is our ideal partner for this very important component of our aircraft. It is our intention to collaborate with the best aerospace suppliers and leverage their expertise. Astronics’ expertise is unique, and their collaborative approach makes them a perfect match for us. The partnership will also help pave the way for the coming industrial ramp-up.”

An example (from Honeywell) of the kind of electronics that will be powered through Astronics’ distribution system

Why it’s important: With this announcement, followers of the electric aerial mobility can get a glimpse into what kind of systems external companies can provide for the development of eVTOL aircraft. By attaining a partnership with an eVTOL aircraft developer as prominent as Lilium, Astronics has put itself on the map as a trustworthy provider of secondary power distribution systems for electric aircraft. As a result, it’s possible the industry may see more electric aircraft developers, whether of VTOL or fixed-wing, forming partnership with Astronics or similar companies.

Source // Lilium


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