Leo Flight, developer of a personal eVTOL that seeks to make aerial mobility even more accessible, has announced a partnership with aerospace manufacturer Eagle Technologies. Eagle is highly experienced in the development, testing, and manufacturing of helicopter components and more.

Above: Leo’s ‘Coupe’ eVTOL aircraft design

The new strategic alliance between the two companies will seek advance electric vertical aircraft, with the mission to “revolutionize the future of transportation”. Through the partnership, Eagle will work with Leo to help develop it’s ‘Coupe’ eVTOL aircraft, and bring it to market.

Leo’s ‘Coupe’ eVTOL is designed to fit in a standard SUV parking space and take off from a driveway-sized launch pad. The aircraft envisioned will carry two passengers, plus a pilot, with additional room for baggage, and will be able to travel for a range of 250 miles.

Eagle Technologies has been creating and supplying parts for helicopters since as early as 2001. Notably, Eagle is currently the supplier of the Sikorsky S-76-D Inlet Door and Engine Air Inlet system, after successfully prototyping and testing these parts to achieve FAA-certification.

The Sikorsky S-76D, which uses parts designed and manufactured by Eagle Technologies

Said Carlos Salaff, Co-Founder of LEO Flight Corporation.”This partnership will have far-reaching implications for the way people move around in the world. Eagle Technologies’ expertise in aerospace engineering, prototyping, and manufacturing will play a key role in bringing the LEO Coupe to market.”

Said Bruce Bailey, President and CEO, Eagle Technologies, “We are proud to be partnering with LEO Flight Corporation on this exciting project. We are confident that our partnership will have a lasting impact on the future of flight.”

Why it’s important: Leo’s partnership with Eagle Technologies adds even greater credibility to the vehicle’s especially unique design. With the backing of Eagle’s expertise in aerospace, Leo can begin concretely translating its design into a production-ready aircraft.


Source // Leo Flight, Eagle Technologies

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