LaunchPoint, a new company developing sustainable propulsion solutions for aviation, has recently begun shipments of its 12kW motor and controller solution for hybrid-electric aircraft.

The new motor system from LaunchPoint is designed for both VTOL and fixed-wing applications where low-weight, high-power solutions are required. The goal behind the product is to help companies developing new electric and hybrid aircraft to increase payload, range, and performance capabilities of their designs.

The 12kW motor system, released as a single product, is made of of two 6 kW electric motors stacked on single engine shaft. As part of the product package, LaunchPoint also provides the interface, documentation, and software needed to pair the alternator to a customer’s aircraft for a fully functioning hybrid generator system.

The first units were shipped to customers in Q4 2022 for high-power drone applications with large payload and extended flight requirements. 

Said Mitsuru Ishikawa, CEO of Ishikawa Energy Research Co, “LaunchPoint’s generator technology represents the best power-to-weight ratio among other competing technologies. Our projects are joint developments with top Japanese manufacturers and require the weight and power advantages that LaunchPoint offers for our drone programs.”

Image of one of LaunchPoint’s Propulsion Units

Based in Goleta, California, LaunchPoint has already conducted several successful seed funding rounds, and found several customers in the growing sustainable aviation industry.

Why it’s important: LaunchPoint represents yet another increasingly successful company in the growing hybrid-electric and fully-electric aviation propulsion industry. Moreover, the initial shipment of units to customers proves the commercial viability of LaunchPoint’s products, and gives this hybrid-propulsion solution a chance to prove itself in real-world mission applications.

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