Joby Aviation, a prime eVTOL air taxi developer in the U.S, has officially received its Part 135 Air Carrier Certificate from the FAA (Federal Aviation administration). This certification allows Joby to conduct commercial operations, once its aircraft is fully certified.

Joby’s announcement of Part 135 Certification, announced on May 26th of 2022, comes in ahead of schedule, as it was originally predicted for the back half of 2022. The certification is especially significant as it legally authorizes Joby as a company to carry fare-paying passengers. According to Joby, attaining this certification required the company to submit over 850 pages of manuals for approval, and required Joby’s initial set of pilots to demonstrate mastery of the company’s procedures and training under FAA observation.

With this announcement, Joby has become the first passenger-grade eVTOL developer in the U.S to recieve its Part 135 Certification. Companies such as Amazon, Walmart, Wing and UPS have received this certification for drone delivery, but those aircraft can only carry small packages for short distances, making Joby’s announcement a historic event.

Joby will still need a Type Certificate and a Production Certificate for its aircraft to begin operations, but is working closely on these goals with both the FAA and NASA.

Said Bonny Simi, Head of Air Operations and People at Joby: “The procedures we’ve prepared lay a foundation for our future eVTOL operations. Over the coming months, we will use our Part 135 certificate to exercise the operations and customer technology platforms that will underpin our multi-modal ridesharing service, while also refining our procedures to ensure seamless journeys for our customers.”

Above: Aerial view of Joby’s eVTOL aircraft

Joby’s eVTOL has already made significant progress in the U.S by receiving Airworthiness Approval from the United States Air Force, and conducting flight tests in the thousands. Joby’s aircraft can take-off and land vertically, is fully electric, can fly up to 150 miles per flight, and can carry four passengers plus a pilot at speeds up to 200 mph.

Why it’s important: The Part 135 Certification was one of three major certifications that Joby needs in order to begin passenger-carrying air taxi operations. Once Joby receives full certification for its aircraft, which requires a Type Certification and a Production Certification, Joby will be fully authorized to begin commercial air taxi services. Joby is targeting Type Certification for 2023, with Production Certification soon to follow.

Source // Joby Aviation


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