As part of its journey to Type certification, Joby’s eVTOL needs to undergo four system reviews, two of which have now been successfully completed.

Joby Aviation, one of the forerunners of the eVTOL movement, has now announced another milestone in its journey to fully certify its electric eVTOL aircraft with the FAA.

As Joby moves forward with Type Certification, it has continually worked closely with the FAA. Part of this process involves several full-system audits of Joby’s aircraft, which take place in-person over several days. Earlier this month, Joby completed the second out of four of these system audits at their test site in Marina, CA. These reviews are conducted to validate the overall architecture of the aircraft and ensure the OEM’s development is on track to meet the FAA’s safety objectives.

Said Didier Papadopoulos, head of Aircraft OEM at Joby, “Progress on certification is a key area of focus for this nascent sector, and we’re pleased to mark our continued leadership with the successful completion of our second system review. We’re confident that our aircraft design is on track to meet the FAA’s expectations regarding system-level safety, redundancy, and overall aircraft architecture.”

Notably, Joby also recently worked with the FAA to determine the full Airworthiness criteria for its eVTOL. The criteria developed for Joby will also likely set standards for other upcoming eVTOLs, as Joby is on track to be the first to be certified in the United States. Read more about this collaboration here.

In late 2020, Joby emerged from stealth mode with hundreds of millions of dollars in investments, including major backing from Toyota. With these release, it simultaneously announced Military airworthiness certification, along with collaborations with NASA and the USAF’s Agility prime to bring the aircraft into commercial and government service. Read more on Joby here.

Why it’s important: With this milestone, Joby continues to mark consistent progress in its certification journey with the FAA. Not only does this prove the ability for eVTOL aircraft to successfully proceed with FAA certification; it also proves that Joby is able to complete its developmental goals. Additionally, this certification effort will likely pave the way for other upcoming eVTOL makers.

Source // Joby Aviation, Revolution Aero


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