Jetson, a Swedish based personal aerial vehicle (PAV) start-up, is unveiling their Jetson ONE eVTOL aircraft this week on Thursday, October 21st.

Jetson was founded by Peter Ternstrom and Tomasz Patan in 2017, and the first PAV prototype/proof of concept was built in the spring of 2018.  It took a further three years to create a consumer-friendly version. 

The current design iteration, dubbed the Jetson ONE by the company, is a “commercially available personal electric aerial vehicle that anyone can own and fly”.

Peter Ternstrom, Founder of Jetson, stated: “Our mission is to make flight available to everyone. The Jetson ONE is an electric helicopter that you can own and fly.  We intend to make everyone a pilot.

Jetson targets entry to the personal aerial vehicle market (PAV), which is a smaller segment of the aerial mobility market that aims to create personal sized vehicles for recreational use that employ many of the same technologies that will be rolled out in the larger aerial mobility sphere.

The company stated that their PAV can recharge “faster than a mobile phone” to enable user to enjoy repeat flights. The battery life duration and flight time duration have not yet been disclosed.

Tomasz Patan, co-founder and Technical Director of Jetson, stated: “The Jetson ONE is built around a rigid aluminum spaceframe with eight powerful electric motors.  It utilizes composite carbon fibre and cutting-edge 3D printed components, making it an extremely lightweight design.  It is also equipped with many safety features including a redundant propulsion system and a ballistic parachute.  It is a dream to fly.”

The Jetson ONE has already sold out for 2022 production and are now accepting deliveries in 2023. More information on the Jetson ONE and the unveil event programming can be found via the company’s website.

Why it’s important: A growing number of PAVs are achieving technological readiness and serve as proving grounds for technology that will be used in the future for aerial mobility and personnel transportation at scale. This increase in PAV deployments and usage will help solidify the framework for continued AAV industry growth.

Media Credit // Jetson

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